Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Human Resource Management

Now I would like to ask top management as also CBI to look into each actions of executives (scale IV to scale VII) who have been elevated to scale IV and above during last three years during the tenure of present CMD Mr. M V Nair. I hope management will be honest enough to come forward with white paper on these executives depicting their good or bad works of last ten years and prove that the action of Interview panel in giving him or her promotion was justified. Otherwise normal perception of junior officers that promotions are bought by gifting top officers will be substantiated and exposure of top management will take place. At least top 20 branches of Jharkhand or Bihar or UP or Orrisa or West Bengal will be enough to expose the unhealthy culture perpetuated by top officers in promotions, postings and transfers. Bank must ascertain profit earned or loss incurred by the actions of officers promoted to scale IV and above during last three years.

1.credit decision taken by promoted executives and the present status of these advance accounts .If the credit sanctioned or disbursed by them directly or indirectly (building pressure from administrative office on BM) above Rs 10.00 lacs has become bad ( though bad , concealed and categorized as standard in collusion with top management), reason behind it should be looked into.
2. Number of accounts and amount involved in those NPA accounts where sanction or disbursement made by such executives during last ten years.
3. Waiver of loan or sacrifice of bank's dues under compromise settlement sanctioned by them directly or through the Branch.
4. How many good accounts they have added during their posting at any branch. Good account means average balance more than one lacs. How many such good customer left the bank due to the misbehavior of BM. Overall analysis will tell about level of customer service extended by them. This will also tell the management whether they are really good officers or they were promoted after taking some gifts in cash or in kind by Interview panel officers.
5. How many bad accounts have been shown as standard in the branch but they are actually substandard.
6. It should be looked into whether there was any abrupt rise in deposits due to buying of government fund. If yes wherefrom the illegal money was managed.
7. Real cash recovery in bad accounts due to the efforts of promoted officers
8. Whether there is real positive change in the image of the bank in the area where they worked.
9. Whether the so called performance said to have been of the promoted officers was actually the performance of other honest and devoted workers
10 Whether malady created by / fraud committed by / bad advance generated by flatter officers war getting support from higher bosses due to some other hidden reason which cannot be revealed.

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