Saturday, September 25, 2010

CMD ED Union Bank

Pilaval Branch ( District Hazaribagh) in Ranchi Region (Sol ID 41050)

I worked in the branch from June 2005 to June 2007.

Branch Manager preceding me was treated as Star performer for making so many irregular finance and poor maintenance and poor monitoring of advances. He was promoted from scale III to scale IV

I served in UP for four years when bank transferred my services from Muri in Ranchi Region to Varanasi Region in the year 2001 against the provisions of Transfer policy. When I back after four years I was posted at Pilaval by the then AGM Mr. B D Mishra (DGM Mr. Nasir ) (now both retired) with the advice to focus on recovery from bad borrowers. There were many accounts, which were fit for downgrading from standard to sub standard but not done by previous BM. Even files were not constructed in many cases and proper documents were not taken from various borrowers. I regularized most of the account and recovered huge money in irregular account as also in NPA accounts. Audit reports of that time will reflect the fact to a great extent.

Due to one a/c namely M/S R R Traders I was charge sheeted by management and I was categorized by the then AGM ( B D Mishra , Mr. Kothari, B C Mohapatra ) and GM (Mr. Nasir & Mr. S. L Bansal now ED in United Bank) as an officer for Non-sensitive posting. Accordingly I was tactfully posted as Regional office Ranchi in June 2007 though I was told that I would be posted at Upper Bazar Branch as BM.In fact I was posted at Regional Office as would-be BM of Retail Assets Branch ( likely to be opened).

It is good luck that during my posting itself the said account of M/S R R Traders was categorized as NPA and recovery process was initiated. Notice under SERFACIA was also served to the party. New AGM Mr. Kothari also came to branch for building pressure on the party and we together threatened the party for taking possession of the landed property if he fails to clear the excess and regularize the account. Fortunately excess was adjusted during my tenure itself. Account position improved to a great extent. But I was not acquitted from charge sheet and warned even though I enlightened elaborately that I was nowhere at fault and it was at the instance of the then AGM Mr. B. D. Mishra that I allowed excess in the account killing voice from the core of my heart.

After my transfer new BM posted at Pilaval instead of recovering the residual dues sanctioned a credit limit of Rs.30.00 lacs and within one year of his posting He was also promoted to scale IV.

But the same account again became NPA after his transfer. And now dues are Rs.26.15 lacs. Same story more or less is that of another party M/S Hind Service Station of Mr. Rajiv Hora. In this case too, my previous BM had sanctioned four credits to the party and all the four were bad when I was posted at Pilaval Branch. Somehow or the other I succeeded in closure of two loan accounts and one was regularized. But the big account enjoying a limit of Rs.16.00 lac became NPA and recovery process was initiated. In this account too notice under SARFACIA was served and the then AGM Mr. Kothari helped me in building pressure on the party and improving the position of the account to a great extent.

But after my transfer this account was also sanctioned double credit and this account too became NPA in March2010 after the transfer of BM who succeeded me. This account has once again been upgraded in June 2010 though the account still reveals irregular feature.

Purpose of my writing above-mentioned fact after a gap of three years and more is to request you to introspect whether action of the then management against me was in any way justified.

While I was at RO Ranchi at would be BM of RAB I involved in RO work. I was however given target of non existent branch RAB and again treated as non performer for non achievement of target of Rs.50.00 crores. Branch could be opened in Jan 2008. But till date new BM with full fledged TEAM OF OFFICERS AND INFRASTRUCTURE has not achieved the target of March 2008 i.e. Rs.50.00 crores after lapse of more 30 months. I was but rejected in promotion process held for scale II to IV. I was later transferred to Northeast in the year 2008 June even violating prevailing transfer policy.

It is the time to evaluate the process and yardstick of deciding the performance of an officer, promotion, interview, transfer and categorizing an officer for Non-sensitive posting and then spoiling his career for none of his fault on mere whims and fancies of the regional or Zonal head. It is the time to justify why management gives promotions to juniors and transfer seniors to critical place.

It is desirable for management to revisit and reassess the performance of the said branch along with the work done by me, by my predecessor and by my successor Branch Manager at Pilaval branch. Three year time period is enough to compare and judge the performance of three branch managers or even those who were in the remote past or the person who is currently there.

If honest inquiry is further made into the quality of assets of branches like Jamshedpur, Doranda,kantatoli Ranchi,Dhanbad,Chapuadih,Jainamore, Jhumritelaiya,Giridih, Kalimati road Jamshedpur and so on ……. I think quality of regional heads will also be visible.

Though the damage done to me is irreparable I wish that at least other officers in future do not become victim of a few whimsical executive.

Realization of past mistake is enough to bring about reformation and this itself constitute an innovative and creative idea in disguise. It is absolutely your prerogative to read and act on my pray, but it is my duty to bring the story of injustice occurred with me into your knowledge because you are not only the guardian of the bank but also the serving employees.

I do not expect justice now from you because you have already caused irreparable damage to my career, my health and my family. I however make it clear that I have been working as BM since 1985 and if you find any of my act as bad or proved to be harmful for bank, please give me an opportunity to know he reality.

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