Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Branch Manager has to decide

Branch Manager of a bank is passing through his bad days.
His boss ask for growth in deposit as they desire, they want lending , accepting bribe from borrowers and then pay bribe to government departments for mobilizing bulk deposit. They (bosses) do not mind if loan sanctioned by Branch head goes bad provided bribe earned by Branch head is honestly shared with bosses and a little portion of such ill earned money is tactfully spent on auditors, vigilance officers and other visiting officials.

Branch Manager who is master in art of giving bribe and accepting bribe can only succeed in his career; he can get cream posting and quickest promotion and it is he who gets respect and recognition in all meetings and interviews.

On the other hand if a Branch Manager avoids sanction of loan to bad persons he will earn bad name in his locality, his bosses will rebuke him for not achieving target fixed for lending and for other parameters. If he does not adopt path of flattery and bribery he may be transferred to such a place where bad assets are enormous and the person who sanctioned bad loan is now one of top ranked executive. In every meeting with bosses, such branch managers are main target because they fail to recover the money from bad borrowers as per whims and fancies of the bosses. Such BMs are always stressed and frustrated in life and face humiliation in all meetings and rejected in promotion processes.

It is bitter truth in a bank that accountability is never fixed on officers who caused the assets to become bad but fixed on officers who is not perfect Yesman of his bosses.

As such if one has to remain in power, he or she must learn the art of flattery and bribery. Let the bank go to hell, let the assets turn from good to bad and from bad to worst, but do not forget to extend red carpet welcome to bosses when they visit to your branch, do not forget to offer golden and diamond gifts to bosses whenever you met them and take care of all persons, goods and services which and whom bosses like.

For God sake, please do not dare express verbally or in writing such truths which may hurt your bosses even if you sincerely feel that expression of such truth may save your lovely bank from considerable losses.

Please keep in mind that since all bad assets which were created and concealed by top executives during their posting as branch head or regional head are now exposed due to RBI’s directive to declare NPA only as per system. As such even CMDs and EDs are getting the same humiliating treatment when they meet Ministers, Finance Secretaries, and senior officers in various regulating offices and even in press conferences .General Managers are rebuked by CMDs and EDs and then GM rebukes DGMs and AGMS and in the same way culture of firing percolates down the level and upto field officials.

In such environment, willingly or unwillingly one is tempted to adopt corrupt path of flattery and bribery or that of remaining a silent spectator tolerating all stresses and strains GENERATED DUE TO HIS POOR OR so called non performance. Former keeps one healthy and pleasant whereas the later makes him sick of several diseases.

Now you have to decide what is good and what is bad for you.

It may be kept in mind that if the loan sanctioned by you become NPA and loss asset I future, you have several common excuses to offer before bosses such as , “there is global recession”, “sir loan became bad due to high rate of interest”, “due to bad weather business could not yield desired result” and so on.

Even CMDs and EDs are putting such excuses before MOF and RBI for unprecedented rise in bad assets in their bank. There is none to accuse you of indulging in bribery and neither can anyone prove it .

No action can be initiated against you even if the account goes bad because management also fear that punitive action may adversely affect the lending programme and bank may fail to achieve the target set for credit growth.

There is no valid excuse for non achievement of lending target but there are several acceptable excuses for asset turning bad and for non recovery in bad accounts.

If you are flatterer and yesman , your all sins even that of bribery and on performance are excused, but if you pose to be perfect you have to face the music of modern era and invite several diseases and family problems.

Lastly I would like to warn you , please do not try to behave like Anna, or Kejeriwal, or Kiran Bedi or Ramdeo or Balkrishna like person. Otherwise CBI inquiry would be instituted against you and you may be hanged even if it is found that you took away a refil from your bank to your home.CBI may look into your 100 year past , even your pre-birth period may be looked into, your parent and grand parent may be tortured and so on.Lastly you may be posted at peak of Himalaya or in remote island or in Andoman Nikobar because management of bank has huge power to transfer your services to any corner of the country.Please take care of your family at least.


Nagarajan said...

No doubt, some amount of truth and considerable exaggeration is found in the write-up.

Nagarajan said...

No doubt, some amount of truth and considerable exaggeration is found in the write-up.



ராஜசுப்ரமணியன் S said...

Very Useful and practical. What is the way out? Lie low and leave peacefully,forgetting promotions.

tparamas said...

It is no exaggeration.It is correct. Many pensioners are getting memos under the three year clause even after retirement. The number of charge sheets seem to be increasing and are really demotivating staff.Of course, corrupt chaps get away, but they always get caught one day or other.