Monday, December 12, 2011

What should an employee do when he or she is harassed by his boss or CEO?

Days are gone when labour laws were respected by government. Now-a-days even labour offices, government departments, banks, insurance companies and all private companies are indulged in labour exploitation of labour.

There is none to raise voice against it in the name of reformation. In near future we will see reincarnation of socialism in some other name. Capitalism cannot last long. Gap between rich and poor is widening and as a result crime graph is going up and up, riches are indulged in profit making and hence price are going up and up.

Ministers and officers, babus and even peons are indulged in earning illegal money.

There is none to raise a voice against boss or CEO of any company who are forcing employees to work more than twelve hours a day and who have almost made the family life of employees miserable.

Even if some voices are raised here and there, such people are isolated and shunted in critical and remote areas or removed from service. As such most of good workers have to lead a life in rejection, dejection, depression, frustration etc.

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